What is the objective?

8-Bit is taking a different approach to factions, Gone are the days where you go into a faction server, and have so many factions to choose from! 8Bit is keeping it simple... FOUR factions will be created when we go live. 2 or more of these factions will NOT require an invite to join so you will join them by typing /f join <faction name>.

Weekly Events

Each week 8-bit will release a new event, that will take place as a competition between factions or individuals. Each week will have a different theme, as well as different prizes for our community to fight for! Our prizes will range from in game money, items, boosts, as well as a brand new faction!

How do I make Money?

This was one thing that we really wanted to focus on, because to create a difficult game environment where you had to work for your keep, and you could be proud of what your faction has gathered, we created a whole nother world to use to gain money. /warp FFA will bring you to this world, it will be reset monthly, and all /f commands are blocked. As the title of the warp says, its FREE FOR ALL you can collect blocks/food/fish and sell them to the server using /sell. Save your money to spend later, or donate it to your faction and grow to become a powerhouse!

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